Community Service

Throughout my undergraduate career, I have taken numerous initiatives towards facilitating the lives of our unsheltered friends. I held several leadership positions and had the chance to work with the brightest UCF student leaders while contributing to our community and student body. During the last two years, I learned that small steps lead to great results. After initiating the biweekly “care packages” event back in summer 2020 and then transforming this mission into a student organization, I learned that through collaborative work no goal is too big to chase.

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Knights Exemplar (30 h)



  • Collaborated with Publix to receive donations

  • Helped organize the events for VUCF Food Share in partnership with Straight Streets

  • Volunteered alongside UCF student volunteers

JANUARY 2020-MAY 2020

  • Work with students with intellectual disabilities

  • Assist them at events such as Zumba, yoga, and cycling

  • Conducted one-on-one meetings

  • Help them develop necessary habits so they can be academically successful and maintain a competitive GPA               


  • Restocked the shelves with products

  • Processed donations

  • Placed new orders with Lucky’s Market

  • Put together customized food bags

STUDENT PARTICIPANT                     

  • Lobbied for 3 legislative priorities to several Florida state representatives. 

  • Urged Florida congresswomen and congressmen to support the bills that directly impact many UCF students including myself.

  • Lobbied for the protection of the Bright Futures Scholarship from depletion, making FAFSA available for immigrants with legal immigration status, and the implementation of Internship Tax Credit bill.


  • Initiated partnerships with SALT Outreach at UCF

  • Assisted with numerous donations drives for Grace Medical Home and Salt Outreach including its UCF chapter

  • Hosted blood pressure screenings

MAY 2020-JULY 2020


  • Created to provide support to the most vulnerable individuals such as the elderly, children, and individuals without a shelter during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic


  • Notecard for local nursing homes

  • Online tutoring for children 9-11 y.o.,

  • 100 hand-made masks donated to Orlando Health

  • Book drive

  • Hygiene kits for the homeless individuals at Lake Eola

Awards & Features

  • UCF Students Form Organization to Work Together Against COVID-19              

May 2020

July 2020

News 6 Getting Results Award

July 2020

MAY 2020-JULY 2020

  • Volunteered at the Orange County COVID-19 testing centers

  • Put together over 200 hygiene bags

  • Informed individuals regarding the Covid-19 test in English and Russian

FOUNDING PRESIDENT                 
JULY 2020-MAY 2021


  • Founded the UCF chapter of SALT Outreach to spread awareness about homelessness

  • Contribute to the mission of SALT Outreach of ending homelessness via numerous services such as showers via a shower trailer, laundry services, clothing,

  • Provide students a unique volunteering experience that will employ their skills for a noble cause   


  • UCF Village Mentors assist with job/college/financial aid application

  • Hearts for the Homeless Orlando host blood pressure screenings

  • MaskOnProject donated 70 hygiene kits and clothing

  • Humanity First-Central Florida donated 70 hygiene kits, 150 masks, and travel-sized sunscreen

  • Honors Congress donated 30 hygiene kits

  • IDEAS for US UCF donated 30 eco-friendly hygiene kits

  • Period at UCF donated women's hygiene products


New Registered Student Organization of the Year 2020-2021                   

April 2021

  • Awarded to SALT Outreach at UCF for outstanding service and leadership within the Orlando community and for its contribution to the community effort to tackle homelessness

Registered Student Organization of the Month-SALT Outreach at UCF      

December 2020

  • Awarded to SALT Outreach at UCF for impactful community service

Sum of community service hours SALT Outreach at UCF has amassed for the academic year 2020-2021: 1190 h

MAY 2021-MAY 2022

  • The President’s Leadership Council (PLC) was established to recognize students who exemplified well-rounded excellence through leadership, academic achievement, extracurricular activities, and service to the university and community

  • Current PLC members serve the university by acting as a student advisory group to the president — extending the role of the presidency through their voice, contributions and values

  • These student ambassadors also represent UCF at various presidential events, including appreciation receptions, university Board of Trustees’ and state Board of Governors’ functions, commencement, and in the President’s Suite at campus sporting events

AUGUST 2021-MAY 2022

  • Assist the President in taking decisions benefiting the organization

  • Initiating new projects with the agreement of the executive board such as monthly donation drives

  • Help maintain the previously created partnerships with other UCF Registered Student Organizations and non-profit organizations


  • UCF Village Mentors assisted with job/college/financial aid application

  • Hearts for the Homeless Orlando hosts biweekly blood pressure screenings

  • World Health Day- five student-led organizations contribute with an array of resources for our unsheltered friends

  • Hearts for the Homeless, SALT Outreach at UCF, PDSA, UCF Village Mentors, PPMS

  • Period at UCF donated 100 women's hygiene products


Registered Student Organization of the Month                         

February 2022

  • Awarded to SALT Outreach at UCF for its community involvement and projects serving the homeless population in downtown Orlando

AUGUST 2021-MAY 2022

  • Assist the President with their duties

  • Conduct socials and retreats

  • Update the website with news and accomplishments our members have achieved

  • Help students/members improve their pronunciation and comprehension in Russian

  • Partner with other on-campus cultural student organizations

  • Created several scholarships for students who will be participating in the study abroad program

VICE PRESIDENT                     
AUGUST 2021-MAY 2022

  • Assist the President in their duties

  • Assume the President’s responsibilities in their absence

  • Coordinate all conferences

  • Plan and be responsible for all retreats and training of the organization

  • Assist in special projects as assigned by the President

  • Initiated new partnerships while maintaining the ones previously created