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RESEARCH FELLOW               

       JUNE 2021-AUGUST 2021

  • Conducted research in the Neurogenesis and Brain Tumors laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Guerrero-Cazares.

  • The research was focused on finding the role of the protein CHI3L1 in the progression of glioblastoma and its correlation with other genes, such as SERPINA3, SPP1, and CD44.

  • The project aimed to study the impact of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on glioblastoma malignancy and CHI3L1 expression.

  • The ultimate goal was to contribute to the improvement of the treatment for patients diagnosed with glioblastoma.


       MARCH 2020-DECEMBER 2020

  • Investigated the molecular mechanism of regulation of gene expression in prostate and breast cancer.

  • Trained in Molecular Biology Cloning techniques, including DNA extraction, Restriction digestion, Agarose gel electrophoresis, Ligation, and Transformation protocols.         


Poster Presentations & Awards

Poster title: The Impact of CSF and CHI3L1 Expression on Glioblastoma Malignancy

Poster Presentations & Awards

GMiS Research Posters Competition                            October 2021 

    Award: Undergraduate-Math/Science section-1st place

ABRCMS 2021 ePoster Presentation                          November 2021

    Award: Neuroscience

Florida Undergraduate Research Conference              February 2022

The Student Scholar Symposium Undergraduate             March 2022

    Award: Judge's Choice Award           

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