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Prestigious Awards

MARCH 2022

Order of Pegasus

  • UCF’s most prestigious student award for those who display incredible academic achievement, university involvement, leadership, and community service.

  • Awarded to 26 students. 

APRIL 2022

Founders' Student Day Award 

  • The Dean of each college may select one undergraduate student who has demonstrated exceptional ability in an area of study related to the major he/she/they is/are pursuing to receive this prestigious award.

  • Awarded to 1 student per college. 



As a first-generation immigrant student, I have faced many unexpected obstacles. I had to navigate a new world, adapt to a new culture and learn a foreign language. It has been challenging to manage academics with extracurriculars, yet my curiosity overshadowed my tiredness. After enrolling at UCF, I have decided to continue my work with the homeless population while pursuing other endeavors. 
After years of community service on and off-campus, I was happy to have received the recognition while giving the well-deserved credit to the other student leaders and volunteers. The financial support and awards received only encouraged me to improve my current and future work while allowing me to achieve academic excellence.


The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey Scholarship

  • Awarded to a student who has continuously pursued academic excellence, and has made a significant impact through their community involvement and leadership. 

  • There were 300 applicants and 1 recipient.


Think 30

  • The Think 30 campaign was created to encourage UCF students to complete 30 credit hours each year with the goal of timely graduation.

  • The awardees must have met the credit requirement whilst showcasing involvement on and off campus. 

AUGUST 2021 & JANUARY 2022

Bank of America Scholarship

Awarded to a student who:

  • has completed a minimum of 50 hours per academic year at a community agency.

  • maintains an annual cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher.

  • complies with all university regulations, rules, and codes of conduct governing students on campus

  • demonstrates outstanding academic achievements and community involvement

JUNE 2021

Florida Executive Women Scholarship

  • Awarded to a student with outstanding academic achievements, honors and/or awards, volunteer experience, leadership roles that demonstrate the student’s abilities and leadership skills

MARCH 2021

Student Government Community of Diversity Scholarship

  • Awarded to a student who is a leader in an ethnic, cultural, religious-based organization on campus


SGA Walter Komanski Scholarship

  • Awarded to one student for community involvement and outstanding leadership.

MAY 2021

Department of Health Sciences Scholarship

Awarded to a student with:

  • significant scholastic achievements, honors, and/or awards (college level) that best demonstrate the student’s abilities.

  • significant work/volunteer experience, leadership roles, and/or community service contributions made that align with the Health Sciences major.

APRIL 2021

AAUW Orlando/Winter Park Branch Scholarship

  • Awarded annually to qualified applicants who are currently enrolled in a degree program at a regionally accredited college/university and working on a Bachelor's or an advanced degree.

APRIL 2021

Polson Family Scholarship

  • Awarded to a student in good standing with Burnett Honors College who shows academic excellence and leadership within the UCF community.

MARCH 2021

Student Government Womxn Empowerment Scholarship

  • Awarded to a student who demonstrates the attributes of a trailblazing woman through academics, community involvement, and leadership.


Darrigo & Diaz Annual Scholarship for Emergency Responders

  • Awarded to emergency responders for their hard work, dedication, and courage.


SGA Walter Komanski Scholarship

  • Awarded to students for community involvement and outstanding leadership.

Awards & Distinctions

APRIL 2021

  • Awarded to SALT Outreach at UCF for outstanding service and its contribution to the community effort to tackle homelessness.


  • Awarded to SALT Outreach at UCF for impactful community service. 

JULY 2020

  • A Central Floridian is nominated on News 6 for the “Getting Results Award”.

  • News 6 awarded a few volunteers and me for the biweekly “Care packages” that took place during the summer of 2020.

  • The “Care Packages” event consisted of a group of volunteers making lunch bags with snacks/hygiene kits and offering them to our homeless friends at Lake Eola.

APRIL 2021

Евгений Евтушенко/Yevgeny Yevtushenko Poetry Contest of the Central Association of Russian Teachers of America

  • Recited a poem by Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

  • Received 2nd place out of 50 participants in the Native Speakers section.


Student Government Campus Involvement Scholarship

  • Awarded to students who are involved in their community and embody the character of a leader.


Student Government Exceptional Leadership Scholarship

  • Awarded to students who excel academically and hold a minimum of two executive leadership roles in any registered student organizations at UCF.

MAY 2018

  • Awarded to students interested in the medical field with outstanding scholastic achievements who also show extensive community involvement.

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