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Academic Leadership Positions


UCF Undergraduate Law Journal

  • Reviewed 33 articles and ensured that the 8 articles selected adhered to the Harvard Bluebook guidelines.

JANUARY 2022-MAY 2022

Teacher Assistant

PCB 3703

(Human Physiology)

  • Prepared the experiments

  • Helped students understand difficult material

  • Proctored exams


Teacher Assistant

CLP 3412

(Abnormal Psychology)

  • Assisted the students with assignments via email.

  • Graded submitted projects.

MAY 2021-AUGUST 2021

Learning Guide

AMH 2010

(American History I)

AUGUST 2020-MAY 2021

  • Assisted the students enrolled in the AMH 2010 course with discussion posts and projects.

  • Monitored their GroupMe chat and helped them work as a group.

  • Served as the liaison between the groups of students I was assisting and the professor.

Teacher Assistant

PSY 2012H

(Honors Introduction to Psychology)

  • Assisted the students enrolled in the PSY 2012H course with assignments, projects, and papers.

  • Helped them understand challenging concepts through discussion.


Peer Mentor

LEAD Scholars Academy


  • Provided the needed support for first-year LEAD Scholars.

  • Guided them through their first semester of college by introducing them to on and off campus resources.

  • Worked with them on their time management and study skills Reviewed their resume and LinkedIn profile.

  • Assisted with schedule planning.

  • Did one-one-one meetings.

  • Organized socials.

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